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The $COOKIE is a Bsc token aiming an NFT marketplace and decentralised exchanges on multiple blockchain networks.

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What will we be up to in the coming months?

What are frequently asked questions?

  • What is the $COOKIE project about?
  • $COOKIE is a crypto token on the binance smart chain network.
    We have a roadmap laid out that involves diversifying into other blockchain networks, our own NFT marketplace and eventually $COOKIECHAIN (our very own blockchain).

  • How do I buy $COOKIE?
  • We are currently in our pre-launch phase and our official launch will be in the first week of July. Listing on pancakeswap wil mark our official public launch. The general public will be able to purchase $COOKIE from pancakeswap thereafter.

  • Why join the private sale?
  • You become one of our first investors and will have an instant 10x profit by the time we get listed on pancakeswap at the end of the private sale.

  • What is the contract address for $COOKIE?
  • Please refer here for our contract address on bscscan.

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